Sparkle and Glam Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

The flowers, the sunshine, the warmer weather. All the things we love about Spring. And with the seasons changing, it’s a great time to dust off the Winter weather and enhance your home and living space. There are statistics out there that if you have a clean home with a refreshed look and feel, you will feel better emotionally and be more productive. And that sounds pretty good to me! My team and I love to clean homes and make your space feel welcoming. And if you are not receiving a Deep Clean service, these tips could help you keep your space fresh and inviting. So, welcome the new weather and the new year, with opportunities that start with a clean home. We have come up with some great tips to guide you towards “Spring Cleaning” to keep your home looking fantastic.


  1. Clean the windowsills, windows, and frames. Windex or your favorite eco-friendly solution will do well here. The winter debris and dirt have made their way into these nooks and crannies, and you may have noticed because Spring is “open the windows and let the breeze in season” for sure. Take some time to scrub the windows clean and maybe vacuum too to remove debris, pollen, and dirt.
  2. Power wash your home exterior, walkways, and driveways. After the pollen season is over, you’ll see the yellow is gone- hooray! However, afterward, you may see black and brown markings all over. And maybe some green too if the mold has built up over the Winter. Now is a great time to power wash these areas. You can get a machine from places like Home Depot, Amazon, or Harbor Freight, or hire a professional to do the work for you. Not only will it keep your home and space looking great, but it will also add to your home’s property value.
  3. Clean the baseboards. I know, it’s not fun and cumbersome. Break down the task to one room at a time, and maybe even one weekend at a time. It will really make your space look fresh and clean, from top to bottom. We like to suggest a Lysol-type cleaner, or anti-bacterial cleaner to remove the dirt and oils that have built up over time.
  4. And speaking of top to bottom, look up. Do your fan blades and glass finishings need to be clean and polished? Do your walls need a once-over to remove cobwebs? How about any sky lights-could they use a broom to remove some dust?
  5. Spring cleaning could also cover many other aspects of your space. Such as clothing, books, games, toys, etc. Is it time to recycle these items? Maybe they have accumulated over the Winter, have served their purpose, and are no longer needed. Get the kids involved and take a day to clean out the bedrooms and toy chests to keep things neat and tidy.


Our best recommendation is to break down these tasks into chunks, so they don’t feel overwhelming, or take up your much-needed free time. Set aside time each weekend to handle them, and you will thank yourself for such a clean, happy, and productive space! Happy Spring!