Sparkle and Glam Cleaning

Putting Up With Pollen Season

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Hey Y’all! Paulette here with Sparkle and Glam Cleaning. I just wanted to give a few tips for the next couple of months ahead. We all are super excited for the warmer days ahead, but the hard truth is, that also comes with pollen and seasonal allergies. But not to fret! I’ve got some tips and tricks to keep your home looking Spring fresh, and your allergies in check.

  1. Take Your Shoes Off – at the door. Better yet, keep them outside. That pesky pollen gets trapped in the grooves of your shoes and you don’t want to track it all over your home.
  2. Wash the inside of your car – pollen makes its way into practically everything. To avoid bringing it into your home and your safe space for breathing – keep your car clean so your clothes do not pick up the yellow dander. We all know to keep the outside clean during March in Savannah, but the inside is very important to protect your nose from seasonal allergies.
  3. Visit the Groomer- Fido needs a bath, and more often than usual, if you want to keep the allergic residue off your carpets, floors, and more.
  4. Sweep, Sweep! – Sweep those floors once a week to keep the pollen outside, and the easy-to-breathe air inside.
  5. Invest in an air purifier – If your seasonal allergies are really bad, it might be time to invest in a good air purifier machine. They help tremendously!

Taking these measures will help keep your allergies at a low level of annoyance, and keep your home sparkling clean. Do you have any tips that help with seasonal allergies and the Savannah pollen? Share in the comments below!