Sparkle and Glam Cleaning

Housekeeping Pro Tips

Ahh! The house is clean! We love the way it smells fresh and inviting. And we also love that things are organized. As pros, we have a system and we always have a plan. This makes cleaning easier and more efficient. Keeping your house neat and tidy can be a chore, but hopefully sharing some of our pro tips will make your house cleaning just a bit easier.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Yes, you should tackle the worst jobs first. Bathrooms and kitchens are used often, and they may require soaking to rid of stains or debris. Start with these rooms first. Also, start from the top and work your way down. Wiping down blinds, walls, and fan blades. You will want to finish with sweeping and mopping the floors last to get every last bit.

Get Organized

Get yourself a dedicated and sturdy cleaning caddy with a handle. This reduces trips to the storage closet for products and rags, saving you time. We like the one we found on Amazon here: What we love about this caddy is no compartments that force you to keep organizing, and make plenty of room for odd-shaped bottles, and you can stack rags and towels easily.

Create Rewards

Have the kids help out with the chores, after all, they live there too! And a few other great reasons why, but being a good parent you know them. Afterward, offer up the rewards. Playtime or screen time, or maybe head out for ice cream. But also, give yourself that reward too. Who doesn’t love a nice soak in the bath after it has been freshly cleaned? Rewarding yourself for your hard work should be a must- because we are often inspired by goals that have rewards. And who knows, maybe next time you’re about to clean the house you’re inspired because you know how good that bathtub relaxing time will feel!