Sparkle and Glam Cleaning

Ho Ho Holiday Tips To Keep You Organized

Here at Sparkle and Glam, we love to plan, and we love to clean. The combo certainly goes hand in hand when it comes to holiday preparations, and that’s why we would love to share with you some facts to ease your mind, make the holidays stress-free, and to keep you sane and happy!

Start the Party Early...

Start the party early if you have company coming to town. Washing sheets, making beds, and cleaning spare bathrooms and bedrooms can be done a week early if left unoccupied. This can help give you time to prep for other things, like buying fresh ingredients and cooking up some delicious food.

Saving Time Starts in the Oven

Did you know that a clean oven will heat up quicker and distribute heat more effectively, making it more energy efficient? This clean oven could be a lifesaver when you have several people to host and feed when the holidays are here. Schedule an oven deep clean with us and prevent the “I’m hungry!” woah-is-me faces from the table.

Martha - Style

Want to look like Martha in the kitchen? Try club soda. Add some club soda to a spray bottle and spritz away on all of your stainless-steel appliances. Wipe with a microfiber cloth and they will sparkle and shine, making you look like a pro in the kitchen.

Save the Best for Last

Save the best for last – Mudrooms, front hallways, and garage entryways should be cleaned a day before your company arrives. They are the first points of entry that your company will see, and your best first impression will come from entering the home. What a beautiful welcome to our home impression you will give when you make it sparkle with fresh flowers, scented candles or plugins, and holiday décor.

Sparkle and Glam Cleaning offers professional, quality cleaning services to give you the freedom to enjoy the holidays and spend time with family and friends. We cater to Savannah and the surrounding areas- and provide an affordable quote prior to entering your home. Call us today to schedule your holiday cleaning, and let’s make your home sparkle!