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Extra Costs Without the Extra Income – Tips on How You can Save and Splurge at the Same Time

It's Time for YOU to Decide the Value of your Hard Earned Dollars

Inflation is a persistent economic challenge even into 2024 for consumers, and it has affected spending and saving habits. As prices rise, individuals find that their money doesn’t stretch as far as it used to, leading to a decrease in their standard of living and a decrease in discretionary spending and purchases.  As a community are waiting patiently for things to get back to “normal.”

At Sparkle and Glam Cleaning, we understand the need to cut back on spending where you can. As small business owners, we have felt the impact just as much. However, our community and our society is built upon grit. And it is in finding the ways to innovate, the ways to save, and what is deemed necessary and what is discretionary that will help you determine the value of your dollars. 

Our housekeeping services provide more than a clean home or office. We give the gift of time – offering you time to do the things you need to do to make money, or spend time with your family. We provide a self-care routine that you can take credit for- giving yourself a break from for the mundane tasks of cleaning to do the things you actually love to do. Ready to go play mini-golf as a family? Maybe take the kayak out during this lovely Spring weather? Those ideas sound like a memorable Sunday over cleaning the house. 

Can You Really Save and Splurge at the Same Time?

And let’s take this a step further, and talk about what is discretionary and what could be skipped to save a few bucks. Coffee made at home instead of the fancy stuff. Dinners at home- is it time to plan a pizza-making party with you and your friends? Divvy up the ingredients grocery list for further savings. Here you can get everyone involved, and it could end up being more fun than the pizza parlor downtown! And hey, we hear you, it doesn’t taste like NYC style pizza over there, anyways. 

And by the way, there are tricks and tips you will learn as you age with wisdom in your back pocket.  I don’t know if your Momma told you yet, but you can simply call the cable company, the gas company, the electric company, the insurance carrier and merely ask: “Is this the best rate you can offer me?” And let them know, you’ve been shopping around. You will be thanking yourself as the savings add up over the course of the year. Use those savings to treat yourself – treat yourself with the gift of time and the gift of self-care. You owe it to yourself to save and spend smartly!